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>>> Where you’re going wrong and what needs to shift so that you can move out of this paradigm of over-thinking and over-analyzing so that you can let love in.

>>> How you can embody the certainty that love is inevitable and know in your bones that you won’t need to waste any more time with letting love in.

>>> How you can cultivate the mindset of a person who is fully deserving of soulmate love regardless of your past heartaches and traumas.

>>> How you can create your new identity over the next few months, so that you can heal, transmute and release the love blocks and sabotaging behaviors that have been holding you back for decades

>>> You’ll walk away feeling confident, clear, and ready to take the right action that will get you out of "working hard for love" and into attracting the right relationship with ease.

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Meet Lucy Shahjahan

Creator, The Soulmate System

For almost a decade I tried what I thought was everything to meet the right person but I always ended up in dead-end relationships that often felt like a frustrating rollercoaster ride until I discovered some key phases (elements) that nobody was talking about... because "the experts" either didn't know about them or just didn't know how to teach about them.

This led me down a completely different path where I became more grounded in my certainty knowing that my life was about to get juicier. My soulmate entered three months later and a super successful life followed that I'm gleeful about every day!

I was able to re-create my exact process for my clients, all over the world for the past 7 years, and they started attracting their soulmate like clock-work proving to me that my exact process WORKS!

Are you ready to stop attracting the wrong relationships that leave you feeling angry, frustrated, and anxious?

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