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  • The exact step by step method successful driven women use to connect to their ‘Inner Queen’ and become absolutely radiant to their dream partner.

  • How my clients unlock a nail-biting, toe-curling romance that doesn’t end in ghosting or heartbreak

  • The EXACT roadmap to find a man who is anything but mediocre, and finally find someone who sees you, supports you, loves you & nourishes you!

  • The controversial reason you still haven’t found the one (no, its not your looks, your age, or a lack of men) … And how to leverage this to find a soulmate whom you love deeply, and who truly loves all parts of you!

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Women who have Trusted Lucy's Method

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Meet Lucy Shahjahan

Creator of the 8-week love transformational system, known as, The Soulmate System

For almost a decade I tried what I thought was everything to meet the right person but I always ended up in dead-end relationships that often felt like a frustrating rollercoaster ride until I discovered some key phases (elements) that nobody was talking about... because "the experts" either didn't know about them or just didn't know how to teach about them.

This led me down a completely different path where I became more grounded in my certainty knowing that my life was about to get juicier. My soulmate entered three months later and a super successful life followed that I'm gleeful about every day!

I was able to re-create my exact process for my clients, all over the world for the past 7 years, and they started attracting their soulmate like clock-work proving to me that my exact process WORKS!

Are you ready to stop attracting the wrong relationships that leave you feeling angry, frustrated, and anxious?

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