You deserve more.

Soulmate love begins with you.

You're asking, how!? How does it start with me?

I know how you feel because I've been there.

You are tired, frustrated, and angry because you think that finding the right person is about simply matching with somebody else, yet somehow this method is failing you. You've spent a lot of time cultivating the belief that this person will finally complete you, fix you, accept you, see you and love you for all that you are. The anticipation of meeting this person becomes so big that it inherently becomes unattainable and impossible from the start.

I also know why you feel this way. Experiences that you've gained along the way, from your parents, your upbringing, your siblings, your culture and society, your education, the media - tv, movies, magazines, and last, but not least, your early love experiences have all played their role in creating your current complex love life and expectations.

You've got so many internal bodyguards, and they are doing the perfect job to keep you safe and out of love. Then there is the Love Armor that is impenetrable! All of these are protecting your heart and they have sworn to never let you down. Unfortunately, their loyalty is betraying your dreams and desires. It's time to surrender this protection and open your heart so you CAN be in the most sublime, soul connected relationship with yourself that you've been put on this planet to experience . By doing this you will, by the law of attraction and Quantum physics, attract in a super high caliber incredible soulmate relationship. It all starts with you.

Fear, distrust, shame and anger might be coming up round about now. They are right on time and this is completely normal. Perhaps you've heard this before and your beliefs are yelling at you to stop reading further... "but it's not going to work for me!!" Whatever you are feeling right now, I'm here to say you can absolutely have your soulmate relationship if you are willing to do the work to up-level your internal world. If you are ready to build an extraordinary life, keep reading.

Let me be clear, this soulmate isn't a prince or princess who is here to gallantly come to your rescue. No way! That is pure co-dependence and we will be getting that dynamic out of your vortex right away when we dig into the work because it's a theme that has come up for so many of my clients and it used to be my Achilles heel. Your soulmate is going to be the cherry on top of your decadent 5 layer cake (you are the entire cake). They will love you, support you and will be a compliment to your unconditional loving, caring, supportive relationship that you've cultivated for yourself in Soul to Soul. Together you'll co -create your dream life from a place of worthiness, trust and deep intimacy.

There is no way I'd be in a soulmate relationship right now had I not done this work. No way!

When Jana first came to me she was where so many of you reading this are right now. She was a beautiful soul who was living the wrong story. She believed that love didn’t work, that she wasn’t meant to have a soulmate relationship, wasn’t meant to have a family, and had no idea how to actually use her heart. She was terrified of love and like a lot of women who my team and I speak with, she almost let it stop her. Love can feel unsafe but when you are truly in alignment, it is so worth it and Jana is now in such alignment. She is thriving WITH her soulmate and knows that her dream is non-negotiable. She trusts her heart, her intuition, and most importantly herself.

Jana W

2018 Soul to Soul graduate


You get to have these amazing results too...

It's time to make yourself your number 1 priority

Not following your heart leaves you feeling stuck as you live out your plan "b" while a big silenced part of you is desperately hoping for a miracle so that the dream life, love and family story comes true.

Numbing out your desires causes massive misalignment with love, money, family, friendships, health, etc. A proven process is needed to get you out of doubt and into your plan "A".

Making yourself your number 1 priority above all else is critical. This is where the journey begins as it requires courage, commitment and trust.

Because Love Is your birthright.

You've spent so much time , energy and money already...

Trying to solve this your way has brought you to this fork in the road. Will you believe that love is your birthright and pursue it, or will you believe you're too broken, too complicated and stay exactly where you are doing what you've always done where nothing changes?

It's a great paradox of life...

when you push something away the more you desire it.

However, when you understand and utilize the laws of attraction, this paradox hints at the solution.

The question you must ask now is

"where will I be next year if I keep doing the same thing?"

And how much more are you willing to take of...

  • Your negative self talk consuming your thoughts

  • sabotaging every relationship

  • believing that dreams coming true are for others and not you

  • settling into a mediocre relationship

    that fails to provide any stability, and further unhinges you

I know you have doubts. In fact, I'm 100% certain that you are in disbelief that there's anything that could truly solve your relationship heartaches and bring you what you desire the most, a soulmate relationship, a family, maybe babies.

If you didn't have fears, distrust and doubts coming up, I would be worried. I can almost guarantee that alongside these emotions your heart is feeling something entirely different...

I want you to close your eyes

put your hands over your heart and

take a big juicy breath in and ask it what it's wants you to know.

Is your heart feeling calm?


Ready to expand and take the leap?

You see you've been living out the same patterns and conditioning for so long now that you've learnt to hold back and protect yourself instead of leaping out of your comfort zone and following through on the hunches your heart is whispering to you.


and your entire life will change

once you decide to listen to these heart hunches and take bold action.

All these emotions that we classify as negative are simply human. It's how you allow them to influence you that determines your direction in life. I personally love to say "hi" to fear and use it to fuel me forward because it's an indicator that I'm stepping into something BIG, but only if my heart is screaming out a "hellz yes!".

By the way, all my clients have had the same doubts, fears and distrust pop up that nearly stopped them yet they chose their commitment to themselves. We have received so many emails over the years thanking us for holding them to their highest and not letting them off the hook. Each one of our clients used their biggest fear to propel them forward into a life they are now in love with and so proud of.

You're comfortable, why take the risk?

Once I activated and integrated the process that I now teach

I called in my soulmate in a matter of weeks

in NYC and that was just the beginning...

Do you really want to rock the boat?

Everything in your life feels like it's "working" except for your love life. You keep trying to convince yourself that perhaps life will be easier without the love, the family and babies. You can be more independent and just take care of yourself, right?! You can travel more and focus on your career - yet you are here wondering "but what if I let love in? what then?"

I used to share your dilemma too.

I had my wake up call in my early thirties when I saw a party photo of myself come up on Facebook. Everything looked "good" until I saw my eyes. They had completely lost their sparkle. They looked dead. I was struck in the core of my being and so devastated to see that my light had gone out. I literally cried for two days straight as I let the deep pain come to the surface that had been buried. I'd been pretending that everything was "fine" for so long and numbing from big nights out with far too many champagnes that I didn't even realize how depressed and out of alignment I was.

I wasn't where I wanted to be in my life and barely recognized who I had become. Something big needed to shift. The next day a deep profound journey began where I made a vow to myself to start over, and to live from my heart which meant letting go of everything in my life that wasn't in alignment with what my heart truly wanted. So I quit my job and started a new path.

It was liberating and scary AF all at once, As I left the life which made sense on paper and leapt into the one that felt way out of my comfort zone I finally felt some life force activating in my body again. The "unknown" ignited my heart and I felt my soul starting to thaw out and come back to life. I was alive and my eyes began to sparkle again.

Over the next few years I committed to fully pursue my dream to act, I learnt how to open my heart, and access my vulnerability.

I did all the things I needed to do to turn on my internal light yet my soulmate was nowhere to be found. I was living in New York City and I was dating, but kept landing the "wrong" men.

I was getting frustrated, tired and angry at the men I was attracting in as well as myself. I just couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong even though I was "doing all the work". This drove me to dig further into myself and to commit like it was life or death and that's when it all clicked.

I was finally able to uncover what was missing and put together a process that worked for me to INTEGRATE and ACTIVATE my learnings, and when I did that, I was able to attract my soulmate in a matter of weeks.

What struck me with all the teachings and information in the transformational space was that these key elements were never taught.

How can anyone unlock the magic without it?

That's when I decided to start teaching my exact process and I'm happy to say my clients get outstanding results using my proven process.

It's as if you're expected to magically know how to integrate and activate the learnings in your heart. That's when I had the ah-ha moment to teach my exact process. Surely if it worked for me, it would work for others.

Guess what? It did.

The beautiful thing about my work is I teach you the process and together we co-create.

Everything else is unique to you. It's not me doing the work for you, but with my process we make your dreams come true.

This is empowerment at its finest where week by week you are actively shifting from your doubts and into newly developed powerful beliefs that are in alignment with your dream. Best of all, you are transmuting your negative self-talk and the any lack of worth, and deservability, that reside deep within your cells.

Imagine what life will be like...

when you are plugged into your greatness, and unconditional love.

Such deep joy that people will notice there's something different but won't be able to pinpoint it. This joy becomes your magnet for creation, attraction and alignment.

Attracting in your soulmate not from push or needy energy but from deep trust within. He or she will be in alignment with your power, self love and confidence allowing both of you to transcend your current experience of life.

This process doesn't just get you into alignment with receiving your soulmate love but uplevels your relationship with money/career/business, health, family and friends.

The good news is that you are not alone in this struggle to finding love.

In fact, it's normal that you have this disconnect, and probably even some shame in the space. Without getting too much into statistics, the odds aren't good when you follow the mainstream methods of solving this problem, which is primarily based on matching someone based on your flaws. I like to call it the Jerry McGuire or the "you complete me" effect. This creates unhealthy co-dependency (which I mentioned earlier) that eventually lead to an unhealthy relationship, end in divorce and is far from desirable.

What I'm happy to share with you is this.

Over the past few years, even during lockdown, so many of my clients have been able to attract their soulmate and up-level their career and lives with my proven process. Today they are engaged, getting married, having babies and loving life. They constantly write to me saying that the caliber of love they attracted in wouldn't have been possible without this work. This is my personal daily celebration and the reason I'm so excited to share it with you in this format.

Yes, you can absolutely have this success too and it comes down to 3 key things. Being decisive, being committed and being coachable. If you're ready to invest in yourself and choose your dream over your fear I can help show you the way because I've already walked this path as have thousands of my amazing clients.

This is how Soul to Soul changed my clients lives, and why I'm so excited to be sharing it here today, so it can change your life, too!

You deserve more.

Attracting your soulmate is an inside job!

Who this Is for?

We work with...

- thought leaders, coaches,

speakers, CEO's and corporate executives,

business owners, real estate brokers, bankers, school teachers,

psychologists and therapists, doctors and nurses, etc.,

- people of all religious and cultural backgrounds,

- straight, LGBTQ+ and non-binary people,

- people who've done a lot of transformational and healing work

(including Tony Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, Landmark Forum, etc.)

and those who've done absolutely nothing.

When questioning if Soul to Soul is right for you, ask yourself:

Are you ready to make yourself the priority?

Are you ready to commit to yourself?

Is NOW the right time?

Or are you more attached to...

your excuses than your dream?

No one, no matter what their circumstances are,

will be able to achieve their dream without making themselves the priority in their life first.

If you are ready to give up the struggle and doing it your way then

I invite you to listen to your heart,

face your fear and distrust, and

use them to take action


This course truly changed my life

Before Soul to Soul I couldn’t actually figure out why relationships never worked for me. I was good at everything else in life except finding true love. This course truly changed my life and 3.5 years later I’m now married to this insanely beautiful human, who constantly makes me feel beautiful, safe, loved and fully supported every single day. I honestly pinch myself all the time!

Chelsea B.

2019 Soul to soul graduate

Australia/New Zealand

What will this do for you?

  • Did you know that your complicated love story isn't just exclusive to your experience of love? It's actually bleeding into every aspect of your life and wreaking havoc. This is because when love and dreams remain unfulfilled, they resemble a leaky faucet that never stops.

  • This shows up as negative self talk, unmet expectations, negative emotions, a feeling of scarcity and lack in life and money, etc. Most importantly, it keeps you stuck in your head and can create anxiety/stress, sleeplessness, depression and many other undesirable health outcomes.

  • Can you see how this impacts more than just your relationships?

  • Now let's feel into solving this.

  • In your mind's eye, fast forward to 6 months from now.

  • You've committed to yourself, and allowed transformation to happen in your life, inside out.

  • Sit with it for a moment.

  • Can you feel freedom, peace and ease within yourself?

  • What can you achieve grounded in this energy?

  • Maybe it's new heights in your career or business, and better finances.

  • How about improved family dynamics and relationships?

  • Now, feel into your soulmate relationship.

  • Does it feel possible, and

  • does it feel safe?

  • REALLY let yourself dream here.

  • What exists in your imagination

  • can exist in your reality

  • as long as you

  • activate it.

  • You should feel some excitement peppered with a bit of fear, but if you feel nothing at all and feel you're in your head, that's okay too.

  • Remember, fear is good as it is an indicator that your bodyguards are freaking out. It is showing you that you are on to something and it's worth taking off the love armor.

  • This fight however is you vs. you.

  • It's your current self vs. your potential self.

  • The latter cannot materialize without deep activation and integration, which is what Soul to Soul does.

  • Our clients are always pleasantly surprised that the modules in Soul to Soul fall perfectly into the right sequence like pieces to a puzzle. So if you have a question, the answer lies within the gift-work or in the next module.

  • With fully committing to your 8 week process you will recognize a newly found power and confidence within. From this place of deserve-ability, you will find that attracting a soulmate is no different than

  • attracting in that free cup of coffee,

  • a beautiful compliment, or

  • even that raise at work.

  • You'll embody more ease and joy every day with your expression and authenticity.

  • This is when you begin feeling the peace in your head and heart, with the knowing that your long awaited dream is near.

Imagine shifting out of the belief that

there are "no good ones out there"

into a reality of having

plenty of choices.

This is just how

amazing the results can be.

It's this kind of transformation

you will experience after

doing Soul to Soul.

Are you excited yet?

From feeling powerless to attracting in her soulmate within 6 months

I was outsourcing my life to other people, letting everyone else tell me what I should do and not trusting myself to create my own life. I used to have no trust in my own judgment and felt powerless all the time. In Soul to Soul I learned how to trust myself and my feelings. Today I'm living with, and engaged, to my soulmate.

Marie P.

2019 soul to soul Graduate

United States

let’s GET DOWN TO The Details

What’s Included In Soul to Soul?

Module 1: Love Mission Statement

Creating your relationship with clarity & conviction

Get clarity around what you actually want. You will feel into your heart's true desire and connect with what you actually want in your soulmate relationship. A date will be created for when you want to fall into this relationship. Setting this date will activate you getting intentional and committing to being the best version of yourself.

module one

Module two

Module 2: Reclaim Your Queen

Rewrite your new story, breakup with the old story.

Reflect on how you have sabotaged past relationships and how you’ve gotten in the way. You will face these behaviors that are no longer serving you with a fine tooth comb. We will take a look at your past so you can gain awareness of potential blind spots you’ve had and see the patterns, which will help you create a new story to live into. We will also dig deep into the “why” behind these behaviors.

Module 3: Releasing Negative Beliefs

release the negative beliefs that have been holding you hostage!

RAGE! Dig deep into buried trauma and take a deep dive into the locked-away parts of yourself. We will go into your past and everything you’ve been turning a blind eye to. Unearth deep resentment and rage that has been buried or numbed. Once harnessed and accessed you will get this rage and resentment out of yourself and your being. This will then let you harness your self-expression, your truth, and your authentic voice.

module three

module four

Module 4: Meet Your Little Girl

Get to know, love, and nurture your little girl within

Discover and connect with the little girl or girls inside you who have been neglected. The little girl is running the show in your life now. In order to step into your Queen, you have to deal with the little girl in you who has felt neglected and abandoned. The little girl is fearful of love, fearful of opening her heart. Connect to the deepest part of yourself and connect with your heart again. Come out of the masculine, out of the thinking, out of the intellect, and deeply into your vulnerability, feelings, and your heart. This will open up your emotional life and your heart.

Module 5: Your Words Will Change Your Life

Creating your relationship with clarity & conviction

This is about connecting with the power of your language. Every word carries a vibration. Thoughts create. Language creates. You will get very intentional about communicating effectively and vulnerably. Come out of this module with certainty and conviction with your language and what you are declaring into the world. Once we start declaring powerfully, we then start to see the things we desire in our life.

module five

module six

Module 6: Being Your Most Authentic Self

it's time to get real - and to own and adore who you are!

Uncovering what is so amazing about YOU. What is your authentic truth? How do you really feel about yourself? Is there still more work to do around your self-worth? You’ll reflect on past relationships where you said yes but you meant no, or vice versa.

Module 7: The Law of Attraction

and the art of calling in your soulmate

Ditch the checklist and get out of your head! Getting into your imagination and unleashing the unlimited infinite imagination we all have. It’s time to feel into the qualities of the soulmate you will attract in and the life you two will create together.

module seven

module eight

Module 8: Owning your Sensuality and Sexuality

up-level your pleasure, & own your sensuality and sexuality

We are going to dive into Sacral Chakra work, plug into the divine feminine, and harness the power of pleasure. This is all about feeling sexy with WHO YOU ARE before that divine soulmate comes into your life. Feel connected with yourself first and know what you want/desire.

Attracting Your Soulmate Is An Inside Job!

weekly life-changing modules

weekly meditations







Weekly Life-Changing Modules


Weekly Meditations






bonus gift work




Total Value = $45,000 USD

Reg. Investment = $12,000 uSD

Today’s Investment = $3k USD

* An Investment Plan Is Available

Enroll now to find out more.

Gemma B

2019 Soul to soul graduate

United Kingdom

I was planning to make my own baby.

Before Soul to Soul, I was so in my head, I had to plan everything. I hadn’t been in a relationship for most of my 30s and the relationships I had before then always started like a dream but I would compromise and limit myself to stay in them. I made myself smaller and took all the bullshit because I thought I loved them. I was planning to make my own baby and do it by myself as I was getting scared of never having that.

Today I'm with my soulmate. This relationship is like no other I have ever been in. He loves and adores me, he tells me everyday, he is totally in love with the quirkiness that is me. We flow so easily together, it’s so refreshing and amazing! We will be moving in together in the next couple of months. He’s my calm in the storm, my rock and I feel so incredibly safe with him.


The Guarantee

Soul to Soul transforms 30+ years of conditioning all within an 8-week timeframe.

How did I achieve this?

When this was a live program, every client of ours bar 2 completed the entire program and showed up for themselves fully for the first time in their life and the best part...they actually got the outcome they came for and shocked themselves with who they became in the best possible way.

SO many of our clients have listened back to their initial call with our team and were in tears listening to the pain and suffering they were in just 8 weeks before. The thing we hear the most is "I can't believe where I would be now if I hadn't done this work, it's so much more than attracting your soulmate. Thank god I didn't back out. It's by far the best decision I've ever made. I'm so proud of myself."

I created this DIY version to make it more accessible to people around the world because I felt in my heart it had to be available to everyone who needs it.

This work is medicine for the soul and will give you a new life IF you do the work required.

It's that simple.

It transcends a typical DIY program because we've put structures in place to hold you accountable along the way and it will shift your DNA at a cellular level.

If you want to get the outcome like so many of our clients have you will need to make this and YOU your number 1 priority for the next 8 weeks. Dragging it out, delaying it and dabbling won't change a thing. Life is always going to happen and it's now time for you to put a stake in the ground to say that your dream can't wait and this is your number 1 focus.

You need to set big stakes and make it

life or death

and put boundaries in place

so that you are set up for success.

I didn't create this program for people who are "interested in changing". I created this program for people who are committed to doing whatever it takes to learn how to deeply love and accept themselves.

It's about not letting anyone or anything sidetrack you from diving deep, being ALL in and doing the work and going all the way.

Because until it's about you

it's never going to be about you.

Until you are your own number 1 priority you will never be anyone else's priority. It's as simple as that.

I know you are here reading this because you are done with second best. You are done with over-giving. You are done with not being in an incredible relationship and I'm so excited you are here and that you are reading this because you are about to put yourself on a brand new path.

A path you are proud of and a path that lights up your soul from the inside out. I'll give you a heads up that people are definitely going to notice.

You are about to activate your inner magnetism and you'll start to attract the things you want from a deep unwavering feeling of unconditional love. The right people are going to be drawn to you without you even trying - so get ready.

The next recommendation is to add the 8-week time crunch for yourself. When you start, mark your calendar for the next 8 weeks and commit to doing each module per week.

You would never be late or not show up for a meeting with your CEO. Now it's time to show up for yourself with this same standard. You are the CEO of your life. No excuses.

Minimum time commitment: 1hr/day.

Suggested time commitment: 2hrs/day.

Once you've completed all the modules once, re-focus on the modules you wanted more time with maintaining the 1 week time crunch for that module.

This is my gold-print for your success.

The rest is up to you and your commitment.

You can have your life the way you want it when you fully commit.

I take this commitment seriously and I expect you to take it seriously as well, otherwise nothing will change.

be secure in your investment.

If within the first 10 days, you realize this work isn't for you, Simply send us an email WITH PROOF THAT YOU've FOLLOWED THE PROCESS to request a FULL refund!


Limited Time Deal

EIGHT out of TEN (8/10) people I've spoken with experience some level of numbness. They couldn't connect to their dream because they shut their heart off many years ago.

Numbing is worse than simply giving up. At least with giving up you've made a definitive choice and life goes on. With numbing though, its an on-going misery that plays out daily.

The question is, why numb? It's because at a subconscious level you desperately want that dream and you don't know how to attain it. So you numb the feelings and just do the action. It's a heart without the heartbeat. This is zombie stuff... where you are literally dead inside.

And I've told people that - to their face - to wake them up. Most of the time it worked and some times it didn't. Being numb to your core are your body guards working overtime, deflecting every emotion possible and keeping you separated from feeling.

Without emotions... without being connected with your heart, and feeling, you CANNOT have a relationship that is deep, connected and safe. That is why I created what I call the "NUMBING SERIES", for people who are numb.

WARNING: This series is designed to make you feel, and have you want to take action. It also gives you a sneak peak into my transformational work.

If you're tired of not having the love you want and you believe you're numb, this is a no-brainer (<= some more zombie talk for fun)

For a limited time, you can get a copy of this series for a fraction of the investment.

Main Offering Example One $997

Main Offering Example Two $197

Main Offering Example Three $2997

Main Offering Example Four $97

Main Offering Example Five $297

BONUS Offering Example ONE $997

BONUS Offering Example Two $197

Tina K.

2019 Soul to soul graduate


I was in a bad place having gone through two failed relationships and experiencing loss and anxiety.

I was also stressed with work and very confused about what was possible. Now in 2022, I got married to my soulmate last month! He is everything I asked for and so much more :) Being in this relationship is magical and easy. Everyday I am so grateful to have such an amazing man by my side who is strong and vulnerable. Dreams do come true. Soul to Soul was exactly what I needed to help me restore my faith and belief in my heart's deepest desires.


Have any questions?

I've tried other online programs and it didn't get me the outcome I desired. Why will this be different?

I took the liberty to ask the most important question that's probably playing out in your mind right now, as it's the most frequently asked question. The question stems from a huge lack of trust and it's the same mistrust that is wreaking havoc in your love life.

(Remember the leaky faucet I spoke about before?)

We often place mistrust outside of ourselves. We blame others or our circumstances or the lack of time/money, but the truth is, trust always comes back to the relationship we have with ourselves at the deepest level. Right now, as I mentioned earlier, your bodyguards are keeping you out of trusting your heart, other people and love and it's time to change this once and for all so that you, beautiful soul, can have the happy ever after you deserve.

Are you ready to dive in?

You deserve your Dream Life

Yes it's possible to have it all, your soulmate, a better career or that successful business, relationships and friendships you can brag about. As I've said before, it starts with you. You have to step outside your comfort zone because that's where your journey will begin.

Every day we get messages from our clients telling us that they would never have met their soulmate without this work and almost everyone wishes they had this process years ago instead of wasting time and money trying to figure it out in other ways.

The best part of this process is that you get to invest in you and make yourself a priority. For some, this will be the first time and will feel strange. The bottom line is that this can be the last program you need to meet your soulmate.

Pushing it off for another day isn't worth the stress, fatigue and frustration. Why meet another person who will cost you time you can never get back. Gift this to yourself and celebrate the decision. Let it be the best decision you've made all year.

xx, Lucy

You deserve more.

Attracting a Soulmate Is An Inside Job!

weekly life-changing modules

weekly meditations







Weekly Life-changing modules


Weekly Meditations










Total Value = $45,000 USD

Reg. Investment= $12,000 usd

Today’s Investment = $3k USD

* An Investment Plan Is Available

Enroll now to find out more.

Jen G.

2019 soul to soul grad


I’ve been with my incredible man for over 2 years now

Soul to Soul is one of the BEST things I’ve ever done for myself. It taught me how to step into my Queen, so I could attract my King, and I did just that! I’ve been with my incredible man for over 2 years now and it just gets better and better. I am forever grateful for this divine program; I wish every woman on the planet could do it.


Disclaimer: This 8-week process will give you the tools and actionable steps to transform your life and relationships. Results are not guaranteed as it is entirely based on your dedication to the Soul to Soul process, and completing it as it is designed. Our successful clients did the work in order to get their outcome. Please note we are not doctors and this is not therapy.

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